MOKU NO SHO symbolizes a new era in luxurious onsen (Hot Spring) lodges,
bringing together the purity and tradition of Japan’s hot spring culture with the tranquility of Hokkaido’s Niseko region. 
The central concept of our hospitality is the Japanese spirit of treasuring our natural environment. 
We invite you to partake in a harmony of Japanese dining, hot springs, and traditional culture.
There are some private dining room at restaurant.
If you have little children, you can enjoy for your family time.

*At our restaurant, we will strengthen further infection prevention measures so that everyone can enjoy it with confidence.

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*We may ask you to adjust the start time of dinner to avoid the "Three Cs" of "Closed spaces / Crowded places / Close-contact settings".

In addition to the above,
please note that we may change the business contents and operate it with the safety of guests and our staff members as the top priority.

Sorry for this inconvenience.


Open 18:00 - 21:00(Close 22:00) /
Last Entry 19:30
*We offer premium service the "Inclusive" formula for staying guests,
order the beverages is not required additional charge except special drinks in our Restaurant.*

Beverages List


生ビールDraft Beer

  • サントリー プレミアムモルツSuntory Premium Malts

小瓶ビールBottled Beer

  • アサヒ スーパードライAsahi Super Dry
  • サッポロ 黒ラベルSapporo Kuro Label

スパークリングワインSparkling Wine

  • 杢の抄 おすすめスパークリングワインRecommended Sparkling Wine


  • カンパリソーダCampari Soda
  • カシスオレンジCussis Orange
  • スプモーニSpumoni
  • ブルドッグBulldog
  • ジン トニックGin Tonic

梅酒Plum Wine

  • 国士無双 利尻昆布梅酒
    KOKUSHIMUSO Risirikonbu Plum Wine
  • 二世古酒造 本醸造 名水酒京極 辛口
    NISEKO SHUZO Honjozo Meisuishukyogoku karakuchi
  • 千歳鶴 本醸造 なまら超辛
    CHITOSETSURU Honjozo Namaratyokara
  • 男山 生酛 純米酒
    OTOKOYAMA Kimoto junmaishu
  • 喜多里 こんぶ焼酎KITASATO Konbu shochu
  • さほろ酒造 十勝無敗SAHOROSHUZO Jusshomuhai
  • オガタマ 鉄幹OGATAMA Tekkan

杢の抄おすすめ北海道ワインRecommended HOKKAIDO Wine

  • 白ワインWhite Wine
  • 赤ワインRed Wine

杢の抄おすすめワインRecommended Wine

  • 白ワインWhite Wine
  • 赤ワインRed Wine

杢の抄おすすめウイスキーRecommended Whisky

  • サントリーSantory
  • ニッカNikka
  • バランタイン 12年 Ballantines 12years old
  • カナディアンクラブ 12年Canadian Club 12years old
Non Alcoholicノンアルコール

ソフトドリンクSoft Drink

  • コカ・コーラCoca Cola
  • ジンジャーエールGinger Alc
  • オレンジジュースOrange Juice
  • グレープフルーツジュースGrapeFuruit Juice
  • ピーチジュースPeach Juice
  • ウーロン茶Oolong Tea

ノンアルコールビールNon Alcoholic Beer

  • サントリー オールフリーSuntory Allfree Non Alcoholic Beer

ノンアルコールカクテルNon Alcoholic Cocktail

  • サラトガクーラーSalatoga Cooler
  • カシスオレンジCassis Orange

We accept bookings by phone or e-mail at least 5 days prior to your arriving date.

  • CUISINE 01Premium Grade Japanese Course Meal
    / A special course with highly rated ingredients

    Premium Grade Japanese Course Meal
    Premium Grade Japanese Course Meal

    The area surrounding Niseko is one of Hokkaidos largest dairy-producing regions. 
    Hokkaido is also known for its delicious fare. 
    Enjoy creative cuisine made of fresh ingredients around Niseko.

  • CUISINE 02Japanese Course Meal
    / A standard course

    Japanese Course Meal
    Japanese Course Meal

    Premium and sumptuous Japanese style dinner which is used highly-rated ingredients, and ofcourse local and fresh of them too. The dishes are tasteful and beautiful made by our special treated.

  • CUISINE 03Toki-no-Zen Seasonal Meal
    / Reasonable course

    Toki-no-Zen Seasonal Meal

    *Limited Time / Meal course "Toki-no-Zen”Seasonal meal is lower price dinner and less volume and kinds of dishes than usual, but ofcourse it is the same quolity of freshness for ingredients and our consideration for the taste.

  • KAISEKI Dinner & Hot Spring Day Trip Plan
    *Reservation latest time is at least 5 days prior to your preferred using date.

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