Sightseeing of the Area

Sightseeing of the Area

The Niskeo area is one of Japan’s top resort regions where you can be intimate with the rich natural outdoors.
Please experience the full sensation of the four seasons.


Many visiter from all over the world comes to Niseko in winter who want to good quority powder snow to enjoy ski and snow board.
Also, enjoy outdoor activities in spring to autumn.Like a canoeing or climbing for Mt. Youtei and Niseko Annupuri and more.It is recommended to drive around seeing rural landscape.


Ski Information

1Niseko Konbu Onsen Tsuruga Besso Moku no sho 〒048-1511 393 Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

2Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area

A ski resort that is friendly to beginners. Many skiers and snowboarders come from across the globe to experience the fantastic powder snow here.

3Niseko Village Ski Resort

The mecca of powder snow, with a view of Mt. Yoteizan. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile riding, and snowshoeing in the incredible powder snow.

4Niseko Mountain Resort
Niseko Grand HIRAFU

In addition to being Japan’s largest and having premium snow quality, the facility is well-equipped with 2 ski centers and high-speed lifts to seat 8 persons.

5Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort

A much more intimate ski resort that is a local favorite. The courses utilize the natural land formations for both beginners and advanced practitioners to enjoy.


Casually and easily enjoy the quality powder snow from MOKU NO SHO.

We offer free shuttle service to all areas for our guests staying at our inn.
Please use our service when going to the ski resorts (advanced reservations required).

Guide to Free Shuttle Bus

Must-go places

1Niseko Konbu Onsen Tsuruga Besso Moku no sho 〒048-1511 393 Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Natural Scenery

2Mt. Yoteizan

Mt. Yoteizan

A volcano with many composite layers in a cone shape, also known as the Fuji of Ezo. Many are enamored by its majestic presence and the surrounding rich nature.

4Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees

The view of the cherry trees lining alongside Mt. Yoteizan and the vast farmland is one of Niseko’s popular spots to take photos.

5Shinsennuma Marsh

Shinsennuma Marsh

A mystical spot for a stroll, hidden deep in the high plains of up to 750 meters above sea level in the Niseko mountains. Enjoy trekking through the views of the various four seasons.

Facilities and Parks

6Fukidashi Park

Fukidashi Park

A never-ending stream of spring water from Mt. Yoteizan can be found here. The place is known as the “Land of Quality Water,” and a spot that is cool during summer.

7Spring water of Mt. Yoteizan

Spring water of Mt. Yoteizan

A famous spot for spring water near the start of the hiking trail of Mt. Yoteizan in Makkarimura village. The mineral-rich water is created over tens of years, fresh and cold even during summer.

8Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

A memorial museum to honor the works of Takeo Arishima, one of the famous writers of the Shirakabaha philosophy. Inside is a book cafe offering various books and magazines. The cafe even has a view of Mt. Yoteizan and the Niseko mountains.

9Roadside Rest Stop:
The Niseko View Plaza

Roadside Rest Stop: The Niseko View Plaza

In addition to the local specialties and produce, the place is lined with takeout shops and full of sightseeing information. Enjoying the local cuisine while viewing Mt. Yoteizan is absolutely fantastic.

Winter in Niseko

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The Beauty of Niseko

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